MacOneill MacOneill


MacOneill |         

I just bought a set of brushes for photoshop

I just can't wait to use them !!!

MacOneill |         

I like them but there aren't many games you can make with them

HaChri |         

I like ghosts ! ;-)

MacOneill |         

My next game theme is : ghosts

MacOneill |         

Oh !
I forgot we could write something here !
I should do it more often tongue.gif

Julillu |         

Great pictures I can see in your galery! I prefer your special style and your use of the colors! (: So cute characters do you have! love.gif friends.gif

samyy |         

hi oneil how are you i love your amaizing style with rabbitsexcellent.gifdoubletop.gifdoubletop.gifdoubletop.gif

karicartoons |         

I love your great style! Hope to see more from you smile.gif

Greats friends.gif

MacOneill |         

thanks a lot :)

FeliX_Reinhard_Horst |         

Fine style, stories & artwork!

Best from Germany


MacOneill |         

BellaDonna |         

I want to say thank you for adding me as your friend !
It makes me very proud love.gifblush.gif

MacOneill |         

you're welcome !
I'm glad you read jacob :)

Maybe I'll do another story with just his brother ... I'm thinking about it

Volkertoons |         

Thanks... really... wow.

MacOneill |         

well I love your style XD

Volkertoons |         

Uhh, I still took a look at your favs... I'm getting red blush.gif

Volkertoons |         

That's what I wanted to hear wink.gif

MacOneill |         

he he
Yeah I'm a girl !!!
But I dont THINK like a girl ...
weird isn't it ?
Women are even more complicated to understand XD

Volkertoons |         

Hey, you are a GIRL? I've seen all of your Rabbit Jacobs, but I ever thought, you would be a guy. Strange, isn't it? Male psyche is a complicated thing confused.gif

MacOneill |         

maybe ... :)

I don't really coment other comics because most of them are written in deutch and I don't speack deutch ...