The society

files/cms/anderes/image001.jpgFor a couple of years toonsUp has been operated by a non-profit organization: the toonsUp e.V. But what does this organization actually do and why does it exist? To give you a little insight, here are a few facts about our work:

toonsUp e.V. was founded in 2016. We have teamed up to continue the work of toonsUp’s founders Made and Ron; the website, it’s community and our collaborative activities. Today, we have more than twenty active and supporting members.

Besides our digital work on the website we are also highly active in real life: We organize art exhibitions, meetings and joint tables on comic conventions. We print magazines, refer artists and support fellow organizations.

You can find our statutes here:


Of course, we are always looking for new members. Maybe toonsUp e.V. is something for you? Here are a few incentives for an active membership:

files/cms/anderes/der-verein.png- Participation and codetermination of our work (on our website and in real life)

- Subsidies for joint tables on comic conventions

- Support for publications

- Drawing material for organized meetings




You want to become a member? Click here for the application form.

Application for admission

An active membership costs you only 50 € per year. Supporting members pay 25 €.