Toonsup 2.0 now online


Toonsup 2.0 is now online. We hope you like it! It is possible, that here and there something is not yet working properly. That's normal. Please contact us using the contact form or the board to tell us, what's wrong or what features you would like to have.

Please note that there are some basic changes:

  • Private messages are sent via Email directly to the artist. The messages are not saved on the server anymore. Please do not reply to those emails because it would go to toonsup! To answer please use the private message feature on the artist's profile page.
  • We restarted the board. Old boards discussions you can find under Board -> Archive.
  • All artworks in lists are shown as a quadratic part and not using the "peep hole" as before.
  • The start page is the same for all users. There is no configuration for that anymore.
  • Login is done via the "human" icon at to right of each page. After successful login this icon is replaced by your avatar. Clicking on the avatar opens a menu to access all your data.

And now enjoy!





Kopanitsak |           

Eine Super Sache! Wirklich cool und sehr hübsch geworden die neue Homepage! Sieht toll aus! blow.gif

embe |           

YEAH! blow.gif