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Just got logged out - please correct so I can stay logged in as long as I want.


Hello dear ToonsUp Team,

Unfortunately it happened again today and this time after quite a short time: I was simply logged out!!!
The most annoying thing about it is when it happens during/after writing a comment.
When sending the comment, the text is simply gone if it has not been cached before and the author finds himself logged out.
Otherwise I stay logged in forever and can comment as it suits me and until I log out again on my own.

Can it be that this has something to do with the number of characters, or where exactly is the problem here?
Can you please fix this so that I/we can stay logged in as long as I/we want*n.

Hope you find the error and can correct it.

Bine // Sasin





Sasin |           

Danke Dir, Danny. top.gif

Danny |           

Hallo, Bine. Ich habe das Problem in die Tickets für unseren Entwickler übernommen.