Imaginary Daughter 019 - 026

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Imaginary Daughter 019 - 026
Daughter takes matters in her own hands!!
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karchesky |           

Thank you, and I hope you also like the other changes I've already implemented in the strips I've got yet to post :D

Kiste |           

Very funny! I also like the new view, great idea! And as i mentioned before, the colours make it special.

karchesky |           

Ah yes, anatomy, my old nemesis... I'm trying my best, but you're indeed right about this. Hopefully the anatomy will be (even a bit) better in the latest pages which I haven't posted yet... I'm now doing regular anatomy practice (copying and adapting poses from pictures, since I can't practice with real people right now). If you want to, drop by my blog where you can take a look at more recent pages (which I'll post once I reach a certain number), but also some of my practice sketches.

Anyways, yeah, my anatomy is poor and I'm sorry about it ;_;

Ron |           

The girl is nicely drawn, as always. But you should try to improve the boy figure. He doesn't look as good as the girl. And when their whole body is shown, that doesn't look as good as just their face either...

karchesky |           

Thanks Volker (and sorry I missed your comment until now!)

I decided to switch to hand-lettering the comics, as well as hand-drawing the panel borders and the text balloons. I think it suits the overall style of the comic better (incidentally, this was the result of heeding the advice of some fellow artists). Anyways, to answer your question, it would be a lot of work to replace all the text on the previous comics. Not only that, but I often change something or another in the way I draw the comics, if you read the older strips you can tell some of the differences... At first I went back and "fixed" the older comics, but the more strips I had, the harder that became. Some changes are also much harder to apply retroactively. In the end I decided to let each comic stand as it was when I "finished" it.

Should I ever decide to publish this (as in, in print form), which is very highly doubtful, then I'll go over all the comics and fix them as well as possible so that they all have a similar look. But that will only happen after I'm finished with the whole story (and, as I said, it's very unlikely to happen at all!).

karchesky |           

Well, mass destruction IS amusing :)

mightystumpi |           

i don't get a phuc! not even a little phuc! not even the glance of a phuc! how miraculously random!
wonderful i like that.
this girl is imaginary and can throw thunderbolts or something which paint the city in colours like the hewlett-packard commercials!!! this fact adds much to my amusement!!!

karchesky |           

Thanks! It was a lot of fun writing and drawing this, and I hoped to surprise the readers when that scene comes out of nowhere.

Currently I'm up to page 31 in my site (which you can reach through my profile). I'll be uploading more strips to ToonsUp once I have enough of them done :)

Made |           

Great colors, and even more strangeness. The story is getting better and better.

Best in this part is the action scene where the girl nukes a corridor through the city. This comes very suprising, because up to this time the story was very calm.

How many Episodes do you have in place?

Volkertoons |           

Very nice again! But why did you change the type of letters on page 7 and 8? If you like the second ones more, you should replace the letters on the pages before.

karchesky |           

Thanks! There might just be some influence from Yotsuba :D As for the plot, there isn't much of it yet, really... hopefully it will all start to make sense later on.

Keller |           

I can't really follow the plot. But nice to look at.

boy |           

Its like Yotsuba! with Action. LikeIt. boy