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Thanks Rob... so many caricaturists emulate Kruger, or try to, but painting has never been one of my strengths, so i steered clear of that technical trap! I started using digital vectors some 10 years ago and was picked up by TV Times magazine for several years, which helped me hone the technique. Recently I found my self with time on my hands, so I was inspired to draw some of my favourite movie posters, to tout for work. Its been great fun and soon I hope to open a site dedicated to such artwork, selling my own prints and posters.

Memento is a great idea, though the negative aspect could be confusing, once abstracted. Clint Eastwood has featured on some classic 70's posters, also Bruce Lee of course.

I'll scan my DVD collection and see what crops up.

deleted_180 |         

I know toonpool and most certainly I'll get your Taxi Driver illustration from there (had the original poster some years ago).

Concerning other motives: a very obvious suggestion would be Scarface, which is possibliy the most sought after movie poster ever. Personally I would love to see your interpretations of "Memento", "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" or "Beeing John Malkovich" (some of my favourites). And of cause everthing horror-related like "Aliens", "Nightmare on Elm Street" and so on.

Anyway, your style is amazing. Keep it coming!

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Hi George!

I just wanted to tell, that I translated many of my cartoons into english now (and I will continue) and put them into a separate english gallery here at toonsup. So they can be joined by an international audience now. Maybe you are interested to have a look?

I hope, the link is right :o)