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Sorry to post everything so small. I'll start posting individual toons as often as I can. The best thing about living in the US is the endless amount of material so I've got a lot more to share. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate the feedback.

Made |           

Hi Artboy,

I really like your cartoon-style. Your work fits perfectly to this page.
It's just a bit sad, that you uploaded your stuff so small.

I think every one of this multipanel-pages would be worth to upload it as a single cartoon. This is also better, because visitors can rate and comment them seperately.
Maby think about this. Its possible to change your works and upload the pictures again, by clicking on the 'edit-images' link underneath your image.

Anyway: Welcome to our community. Hope you have a nice time her and show us a lot more of your art smile.gif

Martin (Made)

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This is my first entry so I'll keep it short. Hello world! More profound, witty and insightful commentary to come.