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Movie Trilogies
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karchesky |         

Thanks! The Alien movies are interesting in that everybody has their favorite pick, and their most hated one. Nobody is going to tell you that the third Batman movie is the best, or that the second Terminator is the worst, but the movies in the Alien series are so different from one another that you hear all kind of opinions :)

deleted_180 |         

Great idea and I mostly agree with your opinion. Especially the Star Wars prequels were quite a disappointment compared to the original movies. With the Alien movies I find the first one rather boring and the third was David Finchers first success and it had its moments. Ans thank god that you didn't include the forgettable series such as "The Fast and the Furious", "Eis am Stil" or "Zwei Nasen tanken Super". tongue.gif

karchesky |         

Hehe, it's fun to see people's reactions to having their favorite movies criticized ;)

I'll let you in a little dirty secret... I have not seen all of these movies (though I did watch a lot of them). I'm just having fun and going by word of mouth here :D

I also left a bit of room for moving things around... not all of the red (worst) movies are bad, for instance. Lord of the Rings is made of pure win, I think, but even so I feel the movies kept getting better and better. The charts might be misleading because of this. Consider the mountain one: I consider Terminator III to be terrible when compared to I and specially II, but I consider Return of the Jedi to be a good movie, just not as good as the previous two. In both cases is a mountain, but Terminator has a very pronounced slide at the end, while Star Wars has only a gentle slope.

I agree that Episode III is better than I and II, but I don't think it made much of a difference by then... it is an upwards slope, but it's still very much flat. Also I kinda wanted to draw that stilized/vectorized Deathstar!

I didn't see Shrek 3rd. I barely remember Lethal Weapon III. I love all three Back to the Future movies, but feel that the second one is the least satisfying, probably because it's mostly setting up the third one. I love all Harry Potter movies though I need to watch IV and V again. Part I was the least satisfying. Part II is the one I've watched most times. Part III is definitely the best.

Having said that, I'll never forgive them for killing off Newt in Alien 3 >:(

Ron (Admin, toonsUp e.V.) |         

A good analysis.

Lethal Weapon III is IMHO the best
Alien 3 as the director's cut is very good. As good as Alien and Aliens (Flatline). Alien VI: bad.
Shrek 1 is still the best

Back to the Future is a Slide (Part II topps Part III, Part I is the best)

Harry Potter V was quiet boring, Part III and IV the best. Part II the worst.
Lord of the Rings has only excellent movies!

Star Wars III definitely tops Episode I+II.

Kiste |         

Well done! Buuuuuuttt Shrek belongs into the Trilogy slide ;)

cSTRAUSS |         

you've done a good job in statisics. shrek is defenitly in the right section