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About toonsUp

toonsUp first saw the light of day in November 2007.
It is a growing platform for comic artists, cartoonists and other artists from all areas of illustration and drawing.
toonsUp wants to be a melting pot of creative ideas. The artists see themselves as a community that can open paths that might stay closed to lone fighters in the jungle that is the art market.
Since april 2015 toonsUp has become a registered association. Its members support the interests of the community.
The toonsUp "netiquette" is a guideline which assures a constructive atmosphere and interaction among the users. toonsUp addresses international artists, so that all functions of the web site are offered in multiple languages.
The platform itself is non-commercial. Artists do not have to pay any provision or lose rights to their art in case they can negotiate publishing contracts or similar via toonsUp.

toonsUp was created out of idealism, and it is very important to us to foster this idealism within in the community, even on the hard road to success.

The toonsUp Team

The creators and parents of toonsUp are two comic enthusiasts from Berlin: Martin Sander (Made) and Ronald Markworth (Ron).

Made and Ron

They are dedicated comic and cartoon artists, even though it is not their main profession.
At the beginning of toonsUp was one question: "Why is there no web site, where artists and readers can easily communicate and talk about comics and cartoons, where new ideas can grow, where everyone can have their own homepage with just a few clicks - basically, where everyone that is interested can take part?".
Not wanting to wait that someone else will supply such a platfrom, they decided to start this project ourselves.The results were impressive, and the feedback was overwhelming already a few weeks after the launch. Artists from all over the globe, professionals and hobby drawers, joined toonsUp and have been creating a communicative and fruitful climate since.
The huge positive feedback that toonsUp has brought about has encouraged us that we are serving a need of artists and readers that we have felt for a long time in the cartoon scene. It was about time to create a medium to satisfy this need and we think that toonsUp has stood up to the challenge.

We want to send our regards to All of you who have found a cosy home for themselves and their art on toonsUp or will join us in the future, as well to all friends of cartoon art. Thank you for being part of this community! toonsUp would be nothing without you who fill it with creativity and communication - basically, with life!


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