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canuck - 21.04.12 22:02
Just saying... 

I have signed up for a DeviantArt account, but I will still upload onto here. If you are intrested in seeing it, here is the link:

LiddlBuddha - 28.01.12 08:12
Happy Birthday Canuck!
Enjoy your day and have a lot of fun!

canuck - 28.01.12 03:42
...holy crap. 

i think this is the third time that my drawing- "YETI" has been on the "Today's Picks" menu. I don't know if that is alot, and other people have probably done it many times before- but this is an acomplishment for me, so Yay!
canuck - 27.01.12 01:03

YAY!!! My birthday is tommorow!!! Thanks for all the support, very few fans!
toonsUp Member - 16.10.11 11:46
hey canuck its me furgy your vavorite i was blocked but i have a new acount=hase 10
toonsUp Member (toonsUp team) - 29.08.11 12:50
Welcome on toonsup!