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Mikl's Guestbook

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toonsUp Member - 30.04.11 21:58
Hello Mikl, your gallery is very great! I would like to see more pictures from you!
Trumix - 29.08.09 12:33
Hey Michael.
Thanks for being your friend. I'm very pleased!!
Volkertoons - 09.12.08 05:27

Salut Michael!

I just wanted to tell, that I translated many of my cartoons into english now (and I will continue) and put them into a separate english gallery here at toonsup. So they can be joined by an international audience now. Maybe you are interested to have a look?


I hope, the link is right :o)

toonsUp Member - 26.11.08 15:13
Wow! I'm very enthused of your artwork! Hot Stuff!!
And your homepage is gorgeous ! (Wish I had one in this style)

Greetz from germany,
herve - 10.09.08 21:55
Bienvenue sur toonsup.com ! 

Et félicitations pour ton oeuvre ! Je l'adore !
Lutzi - 06.09.08 22:00
Tres bien travail! Ca me plait! 

Pauer (toonsUp team) - 06.09.08 16:54
Your artwork kicks ass, man! Crème de la Crème ...