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Who are rating?

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Every artist may state what kind of feedback he is especially pleased.
If you are paying attention to this advice, you can incorporate it in your comments.

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Ron (toonsUp admin) - 11.11.09 08:31
Hi Abu,
we are tracking who is rating and how many stars they rate. But only some users have the privilige to read the ratings. If an artist is rating unfair, we write him an email. We've also deleted several artist's ratings in the past. Rating fair is part of our netiquette.
If you have a problem with one of your cartoons, please write us an email with your art.
imn01 - 11.11.09 04:04
Who are rating? 

Toonsup should track down and show who are giving rate to an art. Cause rating bad by professional expert Artist does mean major problem in art.
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