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Every artist may state what kind of feedback he is especially pleased.
If you are paying attention to this advice, you can incorporate it in your comments.

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Ron (toonsUp admin) - 03.11.09 22:23
No, it's always depending on the art. You can't select the artist with the best rated works.
But I understand it'd be helpful to find the artists with the most fans, the most favorited artworks or the best average rating...
imn01 - 03.11.09 15:24
we can give star in any art. but this thing is totally individual for an art. i was just seeking for total average star raking for an artist’s or something like this!
Pauer (toonsUp team) - 03.11.09 15:14
What kind of ranking are you looking for? As far as I know, there are no others available at the moment.
imn01 - 03.11.09 15:11

isn't that all uploads, comments posted,ratings on others work?

i'm searching this, cause i wanna know am i improving or not.
Pauer (toonsUp team) - 03.11.09 15:00

There's a table with a lot of info of every artist and user, i.f.: uploads, comments posted, etc.
It's here in the section "artists". If you click on the categories above, you get the highest numbers on top.
I wouldn't know of any other ranking like that.
imn01 - 03.11.09 14:20

Is there any artists ranking in toonsup?
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