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Ron (toonsUp admin) - 03.03.08 09:19
Hi neilo,
I've checked our mail agent and the email was sent, so it's probably stuck in your spam folder...
But I added that link to MyToons/New for you.
toonsUp Member - 03.03.08 04:03
No I think peephole is just fine - I think I just presumed it was keyhole for some reason. (I think peephole sounds more in keeping with the site...keyhole sounds too formal and stuffy.)

I've never received an email yet regarding any of the comments posted on my work - I've checked my settings and I have ticked the notification box. I do have trouble getting some emails though so the problem might be at my end. It's no problem but a quick link might be handy?

I've been busy scanning cartoons like mad (I've been meaning to update my own website or maybe create a new one for a while now, and will definitely add a link to ToonsUp) so I will post a few more new cartoons in due course.


Ron (toonsUp admin) - 01.03.08 09:48
Hi neilo,
If you didn't change your settings, you should receive an email on every new comment. And you can track the latest comments on "Search":

Maybe we should offer a quick link on the MyToons page?

And thanks that you like the keyhole glimpses of people's artwork! It was one of the trickier things we've done PS: Do you think we should change the transtation from peephole to keyhole? What does a native speaker think?

toonsUp Member - 01.03.08 04:27
ToonsUp so far 

It would be nice if you could view recent comments on your own work at a glance rather than having to view each piece of work individually. Other than that I am really loving being a member of the ToonsUp community and think the concept of the site is brilliant - especially love the keyhole glimpses of people's artwork. Although there are some language barriers, the artwork presented on the site often needs no language at all. Keep up the good work!
Ron (toonsUp admin) - 18.02.08 10:21
Feedback on ToonsUp 

Welcome to our english forum!

We appreciate any comment or feedback you have for us - how can we make ToonsUp even better, which additional functions would you like? That way we hope to make ToonsUp the best platform for artists to publish their comics, cartoons and other artworks!

Yours, Ron.
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