Comic Mary Miller Inspector part 1

johann - Mary Miller Inspector part 1 (1 von 27)

Pharma Mary Miller on Tour
Mary is arranging an appointment for a visit to a member of the Association.
We call it SRF.

Mary was on tour before she finally arrived at her destination.

The people are very friendly and competent. Hansrüdi shows her around
. She also enjoys the company from Juroslav very much.
They show Mary the new Building, where she noticed that there is also a potoshooting ongoing next door.Hansrüdi promised her to take her there the next day. Next day she was there. On the following day, she went to the laboratory and saw that one of the tester got an assignment for the narcotics production department. She is interested and wants to observe the testing.
It is a pity that Juroslav is on sick leave.

The test was perfectly executed and everything was working.
Mary took one of the recipies and insisted on the cooking.

When it was done, she took a sample and fell. The probe container broke

and she got a dose from the product. Josef was also inflicted.
The firm immediately put out an alarm, also late because of the testing. Mary and Josef are under quarantine.

Juroslav is in the mountains on recreation we do not know if he ever comes back. A Tibetan monk is helping him to find his way.

The minor near miss incident was well handled and soon she is back to work
An invitation to supper she is not disinclined. Mary is congratulated about her good work and also is satisfied with the work here. She invites Hansrüdi for further Training to the foundation.

Arrived Hansrüdi is getting a sunburn while taking care of the garden. Later the switch on the TV. Germany just left the WM. The news Mary says that is just propaganda and is urging Hansrüdi to switch off the TV.

What happened to Josef, Mary is asking Hansrüdi?
Apparently in his local Pub. In the WM Fever.
Josef is wondering what Mary is doing with Hansrüdi.On an adventure trip to the redwood forest the hells angel took notice of them and are chasing them. Are they going to get away? This is another story.
How is the WM going to end?

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